Welcome to Battlefield Paintball

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Battlefield Paintball has many challenging courses and scenario games based from World War Two battles. How would you like to know what it felt like to land on the beach on D-day, at Normandy. Enemy fire buzzing past your head, rushing up a sandy beach filled with tank traps and take the enemies bunker; and take the hill.

Our fields take up the better part of 70 acres. From the Destroyed city, D-Day, Tie Forest, and Extreme Woods Ball fields and many more. We also have the Wake Island Scenario field that takes up 35 ACRES. We are open all year round, come join us for a incredible day of challenging Paintball and Scenario Games.

Scenarios Games are on the THIRD Sunday of every month!! Check the calendar for more information or RESERVE your spot.

Battlefield Paintball is the first of its kind in west central Wisconsin, only a 20 minute drive east of Eau Claire, WI. We will see you at the BATTLEFIELD, are you tough enough?